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LLC “PC “BRASQUE” performs the following works:

 Research and development works

According to the technical requirements of the Customer we issue design-engineering documentation, on the basis of which we produce the head sample with subsequent testing and acceptance by the Customer.

At the request of the customer, further serial production is possible at our experimental plant.

We take on the execution of R&D on the following subjects:

- Mechanical units and devises with usage of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

- Design of case products for placing various electronic components in them.

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Production of parts according to the drawings

Production of parts is performed on modern, high-precision and high-performance equipment. 

Our equipment – is CNC milling machining centers and lathes with such firms as "HAAS" and "HURCO". Spindle speed up to 15000 rpm.

CNC Milling:  roughness up to Ra 0.3 micron, accuracy up to grade 7, dimensions up to 5000 mm. Parties - from small-batch to thousands of details.

CNC turning:  structural, alloy-treated (stainless) steel, aluminum alloys, machining diameter from 30..40 mm to 120..150 mm.

We also perform grinding works (external cylindrical and face grinding), coordinate-boring work.



Cases, covers, frames, brackets, radiators - these parts are mainly used in instrument engineering.

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Turning and milling

We produce turning from several pieces of parts to thousands of small or micro parts on Schaublin CNC lathes. Lenses, crowns, collets, parts for cameras, sights.

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 Grinding and boring works

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid these operations: for example you need to perform accurate dimensions of one or two hundredths of a millimeter, to ensure accurate installation of bearings.


Coated parts

Chem. Ox. – оelectrically conductive coating, chemically applied;
Chem.Ox. fluoride – is an oxide coating applied chemically in an electrolyte;
An.ox.Bl. - anodic oxidation with blackening;
An.ox.hr - - Anodic oxidation with chromatizing;
Black nickel coating - "black nickel" on stainless steel.

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