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Work materials:

Aluminum alloys, brass and bronze alloys, titanium, alloy 29-HK, C71000. Various non-metals such as "caprolon, fluoroplastic". Also there is experience in machining various steels (structural steel 2C10,C45, stainless steels).

Our company has extensive experience in the production of spare - parts for the aviation, space and shipbuilding industries, instrumentation, including among others for CERN (production of waveguides for a Large Hadron Collider), etc.


Sheets of aluminum alloy with a thickness of 1 mm. The most commonly used alloys are AL2024, 5083, 6061, 7075 and etc.


Bar of aluminum alloy with a diameter of 5 mm


And also other profiles of various sections of aluminum alloy: pipe, corner, T-bar, channel section, etc.


Brass sheets, mainly CuZn39Pb0.5


Brass profile of different sections


Bronze rolled, often used alloys – CuA19Fe3 and others


Stainless steel domestic production 2C10, C45, X20Cr13, and imported production AISI 304, AISI 321


Various nonmetals - Caprolon PA-6, PTFE-4, organic glass, TOSP, ТОСН, partially processed glass fiber plastic